Hobart Bike Kitchen Auction 2010

November 11, 2010


So they Auctioned the bikes and made a few dollars to keep the bike kitchen pumpin out all the good work it does. I missed the Sunday which was allegedly highly successful, perhaps not as successful as the style on show on the Saturday. Good on the Sustainable Living Expo for giving em a shot on stage and Auctioneer Sam for his hilarious running commentary and bike pimpin. Obviously all the credit goes to the bike kitchen mechanics who tinkered the bikes up to standard as well as Jack and Charlotte the gorgeous catwalk models.

Posted for the love of a good cycle chic infused bike auction by Liam.C

2 Responses to “Hobart Bike Kitchen Auction 2010”

  1. Steve said

    Hi there, I was 1 of the Chefs but could not make it to the Expo due to other commitments,
    Thanks for the movie & photos looks great, will be there next year.


  2. Dr Paul Martin said

    Great Stuff!

    They look lovely; so do the models ;)



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